With local businesses focused on the long-awaited reopening on 12th April, Chamber member Drain Doctor is offering a free drain health check to local businesses. Drain Doctor’s comprehensive 8 point check can be undertaken at premises in and around the Haslemere area and will give reassurance to local businesses at a time when confidence in premises and facilities is particularly important.

Anna Webb, Director at Drain Doctor, explained: “Businesses, particularly those in the hospitality and leisure industries, have had a hard time over the past 12 months.  We live and work in Haslemere and want to make sure that our local businesses don’t have to close again as soon as they open due to drainage issues. The free 8 point health check is our way of helping our town get back to business.”

The speed of the last lockdown meant that many organisations had to close overnight.  But to keep functioning effectively, drains rely on the constant movement of waste.  Due to lack of use over the last few months it’s likely that grease and faecal matter will have laid in pipework and hardened over time. This in turn could cause a blockage when they are called back into action and blocked drains are the last thing that any business wants to deal with at a time when the focus is on welcoming back customers, clients and staff.

Odours may also be a problem as traps and toilets ‘dry’ up and allow foul odours through.  Even toilet cisterns and taps could be seized. The age of Haslemere’s drainage system is also an issue, as increasing demands on an antiquated system as a result of property conversion and development can have a knock-on effect on how the drains function.

Anna said: “It’s a lot to think about when you’re busy planning everything else from your stock to your staff rotas and publicity, to name but a few. But please don’t forget your drains! Hopefully it will be a clean bill of health from the Drain Doctor, but if not we can quote for remedial work there and then to ensure you are ‘ship shape’ for 12th April.”

Drain Doctor offers a full range of timely solutions to plumbing and drainage problems, whether it’s an emergency or preventative maintenance, for both domestic or commercial customers.

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