Haslemere-based, leading UK IT vendor, Richmond Systems, has released an independent report of the latest iteration of its flagship richdesk solution. Broadband-Testing, Europe’s foremost independent network testing consultancy were commissioned to conduct an in-depth, no-holds-barred review of the ITIL-compliant support system following the release of version 15 in June 2020.

Broadband-Testing’s report, which is published today, has awarded richdesk a coveted ‘Gold Award’, demonstrating that the improved and additional functionality in v15 has resulted in the ultimate, ‘COVID-proof’ solution to today’s customer support requirements.

Reviewed against the backdrop of the COVID-19 pandemic, the report recognises that the need for total flexibility in the way that companies provide services to employees and end users and that supporting home and remote working is more important than ever. The report commends richdesk saying ‘As well as providing a complete, end-to-end solution, not just for IT operations, but all aspects of a business, features such as the Customer Support Portal (CSP) are the most comprehensive we’ve yet encountered at Broadband-Testing.’

Using ‘real-life’ scenarios to test richdesk’s flexibility, Broadband -Testing found that the latest version goes far beyond the traditional IT helpdesk, and into the realms of HR, estates, facilities as well providing home and remote workers with effective tools and support to resolve issues and queries. As Richmond Systems have ‘continued to develop, perfect and adapt the technology to fit contemporary requirements’  the result is an industry-leading customer support solution that works across myriad sectors and industries and is perfectly placed to help businesses and organisations deal with the challenges of the post-COVID world.

Key points for the granting of a ‘Gold Award’ include:

  • Praise for the inclusion of remote-access software in v15, citing the Instant Access and Anytime Support solutions as game-changing customer support components in the wake of the pandemic. Both elements make richdesk more valuable than ever, helping companies establish remote working as an increasingly common option for workers, partners and end-users.
  • Remote-control software works most effectively within the total context of a support system, not in isolation. Richdesk combines this functionality alongside classic elements such as asset management and automated interaction with data sources such as Active Directory (AD), enabling customer service teams to support their user base with ease.
  • The unrivalled portal function, richportal is an integral part of the richdesk offer, ‘offering a complete, end-to-end self-service process’. The portal function enables staff and customers to manage support activity and source information through a fully customisable, workflow-driven web interface.
  • Extended automation throughout richdesk and richportal helps reduce potentially overwhelming demands on support teams as a result of increased home working as effective self-help functionality powers productive, pro-active remote working. The report also finds that ‘Extending the automation capabilities as has happened here in v15 further helps to reduce human error and optimise how a business is supported and run on a daily basis.’
  • Simplicity – ‘What Richmond Systems has done right here is to not only provide every element that is required, but apply that concept to the company as a whole – not just the IT element – and, equally importantly, keep everything as simple as possible.’

Welcoming the ‘Gold Award’, Eric Wright, Managing Director of Richmond Systems said: “For over 30 years, Richmond Systems has led the way with gold standard solutions for helpdesk, cross-platform remote access and remote control. We’ve had some great customer feedback on v15 but felt it was important that an independent review really put richdesk through its paces. To get a Gold Award from Broadband-Testing demonstrates that the comprehensive business support at the heart of the richdesk concept can transform people’s day-to-day lives – whatever the size, shape or focus of their business or operation.”

Steve Broadhead Founder and Director of Broadband-Testing, commented: “A combination of the impact of COVID-19 and the ‘new normal’, on the back of the significant repositioning of ITSM from last year’s ITIL V4 update as a “life cycle process” means that a service desk solution nowadays needs to be much more than a trouble ticketing system for IT problems. Richmond Systems has a solution that covers every base in the “we don’t care who the staff are, where they are working from and what they are using” camp, and excels in helping the users help themselves. Having spent the first five years of my IT life supporting thousands of users across multiple locations, it’s not exactly difficult for me to see the benefits of this approach!”


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