Haslemere Community Land Trust is on the lookout for hidden-away plots and places with 24-carat potential. Forgotten sheds and barns, old tennis courts – areas that need some love, possibly with owners who aren’t sure what to do with them or who are wary of the profit hungry waters of commercial development. The gems they seek are sites where they can build genuinely affordable homes for local people, and new community facilities to enhance the quality of life in and around our lovely town. Where the terrain proves unsuitable for housing, re-wilding projects or planting community orchards may also prove, well, fruitful.

The Trust is a non-profit, volunteer-run organisation and was incorporated in 2017 to help the community enhance the social and economic vibrancy of the area.  Housing for local workers had been identified as a critical element in achieving the community’s vision, as has facilities to support more diverse local interests and employment.

Exceptionally high property prices in and around Haslemere are excluding young people and modestly paid local workers from having a home they can call their own and preventing growing families and older residents from moving to houses that meet their needs more fully.

The Trust’s Search for Hidden Gems invites those those with land or buildings that may be suitable for affordable housing projects to get in touch so that they can explore potential opportunities together.

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