Lesley Howes of The Car Network shares her thoughts on private transport in a post-COVID world.

How times have changed! As a keen environmentalist one of the things I have encouraged in the past is the use of public transport as it is a much greener option than using your car.

Right now however even the Transport Secretary has been quoted as saying he would feel uncomfortable about using public transport as we see lockdown eased and more of us return to work. Images of overcrowded tubes & buses on social media are not giving us confidence that we can maintain social distancing.

So if you are unable to walk or cycle to work, maybe it is too far or you are not fit enough it makes sense to follow government guidelines and get behind the wheel of your car. Your very own safety bubble.

If you have somewhere to park it is certainly something worth considering and it needn’t be expensive. When comparing the costs there are huge variations to look at when it comes to  commuting, the biggest one being where you are commuting to.

If you are going into Central London there are things like Congestion Zone Charges and Ultra Low Emission Zone charges. These really add up and can make the daily visit very expensive. Electric cars don’t pay these charges but still need to be parked.

Elsewhere in the country it is easier than in Central London but you could still be faced with unreliable & inflexible public transport systems – and it is very easy to clock up £10 per day on fares.

Now that can be enough to get you into your own little car. Leasing – business or personal, lets you drive a brand new car with payments to suit your budget.

We have a constantly changing range of Brand New economical cars available for immediate delivery some for as little as £150 per month – check it out here www.thecarnetwork.co.uk or call us on 01428 707993 for a no obligation chat.



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