Innovation Visual would like to extend a big thank you to everyone who attended their office warming party last night.

In particular, they would like to thank members of the Haslemere & District Chamber of Trade & Commerce for lending their support, including Edward Patterson of PAAC IT (Committee Member), Richard Patterson (Member), Philip Clifford-Brown of Lion Lane Consulting (Member), Nigel Hardy of Butlerz Dry Cleaning (Member), Justin Peters of Nature in Balance (Member) and Peter Knifton of Bryanston Electrical (Member).

The event featured some brilliant talks from Google, Diverse Interactive and the David Shepherd Wildlife Foundation, each of which were warmly received by the guests.

Google Talks About The Future of Voice Search

Chris Mantle and James Smith from Google spoke about voice search and the impact it will have on our future. Although still very much in it’s infancy, it is predicted that by 2020 30% of web browsing will be done via voice search, or more importantly without a screen, and the Google team’s presentation certainly highlighted the likely increase in prevalence of this technology over the next few years. Watch this space!

Protecting Zimbabwe’s Painted Dog

Innovation Visual are proud supporters of The David Shepherd Wildlife Foundation, and welcomed Karen Botha from the Foundation to speak about their work to protect the painted dog in Zimbabwe. Since funding started, the DSWF have removed over 30,000 snares designed to trap painted dogs, helping the population to recover steadily since 1995.

The Future is Now

Chris Elson from Guildford-based Diverse Interactive spoke to the assembled group about virtual and augmented reality, augmented reality image of innovation visual logohighlighting how this technology is no longer “the future” as it is being used right now in a wide range of  applications. The Diverse Interactive team brought examples of some of their work to demonstrate the power of this technology.  The Mercedes-Benz driving simulator was especially popular and it was amazing to see what augmented reality could do to the Innovation Visual logo!

A Final Thank You

Tim Butler, Managing Director of Innovation Visual, commented “It was a great evening that was enjoyed by all. It was fantastic to be able to bring some fascinating speakers from the likes of Google to our new offices and share some insight into the future of digital marketing.  Can I take this opportunity to thank all of our speakers and guests. We hope you all enjoyed the evening and we hope to see you all again at our next event!”

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