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I officially launched last December 2019 - bad time in the scheme of things - but I'm soldiering on as education for Primary children is a necessity not a luxury.

How wonderful would it be if it was easy for local Primary schools and their families to access an affordable educational assessment specifically for children that display mild to moderate difficulties to learn in the classroom without the need of red tape or a formal diagnosis.

An individual 2-hour Non-Diagnostic Assessment is now available in Surrey, West Sussex and Hampshire so that younger children can receive the relevant and appropriate micro-teaching nearer to the start of their already challenging learning journey, enabling them to gain self-confidence, catch up with their current curriculum and learn how to enjoy learning.

With 26-years in Primary Education, I can appreciate that parents or schools sometimes want an educational assessment of their younger child to provide them with answers as to why their child may be finding learning challenging. From the results of this present-day assessment, I create a Summary Report, which is a 1-page working document, that gives educators the answers they are looking for in order to plan and teach that specific child. Once the micro-targets are addressed, it will then enable that child to rebuild the essential foundations missing from their formative years.

Every outcome from every assessment is unique, and unlike diagnostic reports, I uncover the missing micro-gaps in Primary Maths and English - the foundation subjects of every child's education. More often than not, their struggles have nothing to do with their current age or year group.

The outcome from the assessment process often shows that a Primary child may not have learning difficulties at all, but rather a difficulty to learn because of those gaps.

My provision is endorsed by: The Haslemere & District Chamber of Trade & Commerce; The Rother Valley Inclusion Hub; local Primary Heads & their SENCOs; local tutors and by word of mouth.

Please take care of yourselves and of those you love.
BA (Hons) B.Ed Primary, 1994, DFE Certified, University of Exeter
Qualified Teaching Status since 1994
Registered with DFE Teaching Regulatory Agency since 1994
OCR Level 5 Dip. Primary, 2016 Teaching Learners with Dyslexia/SpLD, Helen Arkell
SpLD Qualified Teaching Status since 2016

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Learn Out of the Box
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