With the introduction of a nationwide lockdown from Thursday 5th November 2020, independent UK IT vendor, Richmond Systems, has released top tips for effective remote and homeworking in the age of COVID-19.

Richmond Systems has been at the forefront of remote access technology for over 30 years and has played a major role in enabling companies and organisations adapt their business model during the first, chaotic weeks and months of the pandemic. Their experience has led them to refine the remote and home working challenge into two areas:

  • supporting the transition to remote working; and,
  • supporting employees, students and pupils who are working from home.

People need more technical support at home or might want to connect to their office or school-based PC. It’s essential to get the right technology to enable and support remote working and there are three key elements that Richmond Systems advise all business and organisations to consider so they can make sure their workforce stays connected and supported, without leaving help desk and support teams overwhelmed.

  1. Support and help desk teams can use on-demand software to respond to home-workers who need help, meaning they can connect quickly and securely to the PC or device of the home worker, see and control the PC or device, so they can troubleshoot or fix problems faster.
  2. Remote access software enables home workers to access their office-based devices to download information, or simply operate a PC as if they were sitting front of it.
  3. An internet-based company or organisation portal is an ideal place to centralise relevant, up-to-date information that employees, staff and students can easily access at any one time. In a remote working scenario, typically 50-70% of staff will use a portal, so investing in this technology means organisations have got a one-stop-shop for information and support – a vital consideration during times of information overload.

Laurence Coady, Chairman of Richmond Systems said: “During the pandemic, Richmond Systems has been working with numerous organisations to overcome the initial challenges of assisting their workforce to work from home. With our help, IT departments, the enablers of home working, have been able to accelerate the deployment of strategic projects for long-term adoption of a remote working model. Our remote access and support software – richremote – has been a life-line to many of our customers over the past few months. Our flagship richdesk package is the ultimate IT support suite, combining help desk support, customer interaction, asset management, performance data and analysis in one package.  Give people the right tools, technology and support and you can have motivated, engaged workforce who continue to deliver.”

With industry leading technology, security and customer service that’s second-to-none, Richmond’s solutions support a wide variety of business and organisations – from mobile service providers, freight distributors, retail support systems, to councils, schools and hospitals.

In September 2020, an independent review of richdesk awarded the solution a coveted ‘Gold Award’, from Broadband-Testing, Europe’s foremost independent network testing consultancy. The award recognised that richdesk provided total flexibility in the way that companies provide services to employees and end users, reflecting that supporting home and remote working is more important than ever:  ‘As well as providing a complete, end-to-end solution, not just for IT operations, but all aspects of a business, features such as the Customer Support Portal (CSP) are the most comprehensive we’ve yet encountered at Broadband-Testing.’

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