The Chamber has signed up for Totally Locally’s annual celebration of the independent high street this June as Fiver Fest returns. Fiver Fest is the chance for independent businesses to use their collective power to encourage people back to town centres, to say thank you to customers who supported them during lockdown and to prove once again, that the small guys can compete with the online giants & the supermarkets.

Fiver Fest, which is supported by Visa, calls on shoppers to divert £5 of their weekly spend to support the small businesses in their communities. In Haslemere this would equate to an extra £3.3million going directly to our local economy.

Haslemere will be joining with over 100 Independent High Streets across the UK, to put on very special £5 offers across two weeks in June. We’ve worked with Fiver Fest to bring you a wealth of event collateral. Fiver Fest posters are in a shared folder here:

As well as the posters and images for social, also included are:

* A bunting design to print if you want to make it more obvious which businesses are taking part in Fiver Fest in your town, bunting in windows/displays will help!

* ‘Locally Owned’ poster + social image set which matches the Fiver Fest colours, could be used alongside or after FF.

* If you requested a vinyl banner design, this will be in its own folder. If you want to have one printed for your town – just ask us for this (please specify with dates or with a blank area to write in dates each time)

* Fiver Fest Guidelines.PDF – please read all of this!

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