The Committee is considering possible affiliation with Surrey Chambers of Commerce and will be asking members to vote on this at the forthcoming Annual General Meeting.

If the move is adopted, Haslemere would be in line with the three other Waverley chambers who either are affiliating or have done so already.

Haslemere Chamber would remain fully autonomous, but for a modest affiliation fee would be able to give members networking opportunities, events, advisory services and national representation on an unprecedented scale.

In turn, Haslemere Chamber would have  more time to focus on important local issues affecting members.

Haslemere Chamber and its members will be listed on Surrey Chambers’ website and will be allowed to display an affiliate logo on their marketing material.

Members will also be able to take part in the quarterly economic survey  run by British Chambers of Commerce.

Please watch for details of the motion for affiliation, to be published in due course with the notice of Annual General Meeting.