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21st century glass for a 12th century saint

A bespoke piece of artwork has been unveiled in St Hugh’s, which is Holy Cross Hospital’s new education centre. The backlit glass wall-art depicts St Hugh who is the patron saint of sick people, sick children, shoemakers and swans.

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Camelsdale Primary School Christmas Fayre

Camelsdale Primary School are holding their annual Christmas Fayre on Saturday, 24 November at 12-3pm. Anyone who has been agrees it is one of the most enjoyable local events of the year. All are invited.

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Looking for a new employee?

With unemployment at an all time low, finding a new and suitable member of staff can be quite a challenge.  It may be very tempting to welcome with open arms the first person to apply for your vacancy but employing the wrong person can be worse than having no one at all.   Here are some hints and tips to help you ensure that the person you have found is the right person for the job.

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Is Your Business Disability Friendly?

Around 16% of the population has a disability.  That may be a mobility or dexterity problem or may be a hidden disability affecting breathing or perhaps requiring prompt access to a lavatory.  Not everyone with a disability uses a wheelchair or has a support dog. Here are some ideas to help your business be disability friendly and to meet your obligations under the Equality Act 2010.

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BIG Awards

McGowan Corporate Solutions had a great night at Lythe Hill and proud to be the insurance brokers to two winners, Dylan’s Ice Cream and Innovation Visual Ltd as well as having PAAC IT Ltd as a finalist in another category though why they didn’t win it I do not know. Judges... read more

Waverley BIG Awards – Awards Ceremony

Almost 200 people from across Waverley, including 30 from Haslemere got together on Friday evening to celebrate the best of Waverley organisations at the BIG Awards Ceremony. We were treat to a wonderful setting and dinner at The Lythe Hill Hotel decorated with magnificent floral arrays on each table from Marley Flowers.

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