Haslemere Chamber has announced a fresh initiative to promote the town and boost the local business sector through increased social media activity.

Costing no more than a small investment in time, the project has potential to spread the Haslemere ‘brand’ and publicise businesses – and other organisations – to a vast audience.

The project – called Let’s Make Haslemere Social – begins on Twitter, and may be extended to other social media platforms later.

Chamber President David Goddin says: “Social media offer immense opportunities for business of all types to engage with customers. Many of us have hardly scratched the surface of their potential – and this is the issue we are hoping to address.

“Haslemere Chamber has embraced the use of #Haslemere hashtag through its social media platforms and would like members and non-members to engage with the local community by using #Haslemere in their Tweets and other social media posts. By doing this we are drawing attention to businesses in Haslemere and therefore promoting our town, businesses and events.

“Social Media works through engagement rather than broadcasting. If you follow and use #Haslemere and share, comment and like these posts then the reach grows organically. It’s important that users on all platforms do not just sell: it’s essential to engage and ‘do the small talk’ to create relationships.”

The President says the project dovetails well with the increasing groundswell of activity to promote Haslemere and its commercial element.

“Haslemere business needs customers. We need to increase loyalty of local residents as well as attracting people from further afield. There are many good reasons to spend time and money in Haslemere – and this project aims to spread this message.”

All you need to do:

  • Include #Haslemere in your Tweets
  • Watch (or search) for other Tweets with the #Haslemere hashtag: If possible, like or retweet them so they go to your followers too.


If you write a Tweet with a Haslemere mention – eg @Haslemerechmbr – you should also use the hashtag. Otherwise, use it as part of the message – eg #Haslemere High Street – or place it at the end.