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Bookmark this page and check it frequently to stay in touch with the latest news about the Haslemere business community. You’ll find items from the Chamber together with news about member businesses. If you are a member, please post as often as possible to your profile page: your contributions will be added to this news feed automatically.

Brexit Quick Tips

I know, it’s that word again but the effect, if it all goes pear shaped will be felt all the way down to the smallest business so here’s some quick pointers for you to think about

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Designing Crime Out!

Last Wednesday evening a group of us gathered at Hemingways to hear Stephen Cake, the Designing Out Crime Officer of the Western Surrey Police provide tips on guidance on keeping homes and businesses safe.

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Run raises record amount for Holy Cross Hospital

Holy Cross Hospital has received a donation of £4,200 from the organisers of the 21st Boxing Day Run at Hindhead – the largest amount to have ever been raised by the 3.5-mile charity run which is held every year at Hindhead Common.

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