Publishing guidelines for this website

Haslemere Chamber - Post Guidelines

How to create good posts

These guidelines are based on material discussed at a Chamber Breakfast Club session in February 2018 and are published here for members’ reference. The intention is not to prescribe, but rather to pave the way for a website of high standards that is a credit to the Chamber and its members.

The website is itself a work in progress: additional functionality and other improvements under consideration and may be introduced at any time.

One constant, however, is the need for fresh content as often as possible.

Start with good content

  • The aim is to help people make informed decisions (to buy from you)
  • News or comment about your business or your marketplace
  • Reward the reader with valuable information … ‘That’s something I didn’t know”
  • Don’t assume all readers know the background to your story … always put things into context
  • Write in an authoritative ‘newsy’ style … facts, figures, direct speech – be bright, not boring
  • Avoid self-congratulation … it’s for others to praise you

Building reader traffic

  • Always have something worthwhile to say
  • Professional presentation every time
  • Frequent publication
  • Multi-channel promotion
  • Social media activity to drive traffic to website
  • SEO for better Google rankings and greater visibility

Make it look good

  • Always use a strong headline – present tense, active voice … Man bites dog
  • Use a good featured image – see below
  • Add further images to the body copy to break up long articles
  • Follow ‘House style’ (see below)

Make it work for you

  • Hyperlink to your own website
  • If publishing the same article on more than one site, make a few text changes to avoid search engine penalties

Where to start

  • Write and check your story first
  • Click +NEW
  • Then POST
  • For events – see below


  • Write in upper and lower case but do not capitalise the first letter of every word
  • Headings are automatically capitalised when they appear at the top of the full post
  • News headings appear in upper and lower on the NEWS headlines page, and in the five latest posts on the HOME page
  • Offers and Jobs headings work in the same way, but they do not appear on the HOME page

Body copy

  • Use only the default PARAGRAPH style
  • It’s advisable to use the PASTE AS TEXT facility to strip out any Word formatting
  • NOTE: When you input type it appears in a serif font, however, this is over-ridden by the site’s stylesheet and your article will actually appear in a sans serif font
  • As a guide, keep paragraphs to about 40 words to avoid large ‘slabs’ of type
  • Sub-headings in the body look best simply in BOLD
  • Read the article again before submitting

House style

  • Creates a professional appearance
  • Readers appreciate some consistency
  • Time formats – 24hr with colon separator e.g. 07:30
  • Date formats – d/m; no st, nd, rd, th e.g 13 February
  • Direct speech – Use double quotes
  • Special words or quotes within quotes – Use single quotes
  • Don’t colour the words (hyperlinks automatically appear in red)


  • Appear on NEWS headlines page
  • To make no more than three lines of copy
  • Brief summary, without repeating the headline

Featured image

  • Every article should have one
  • Scroll down the right hand side menu to find “Set featured image”
  • Appears between heading and body on full post
  • Also appears on NEWS headlines page
  • Must be horizontal (landscape)
  • Upload to picture library
  • You may also use pictures you uploaded previously
  • Jpeg, png, pdf formats
  • Avoid small files/low resolution images (unless news value is more important than picture quality)

Add media

  • Upload additional images to library, the import to body area
  • Pictures can be scaled
  • Use options to flow text around
  • Ideal for vertical (portrait) images
  • Provide visual relief in lengthy copy

All images: Remember to add a few words of ALT TEXT in the image description


  • List keywords for the article
  • Helps SEO

Offers and Jobs

  • These posts are treated in exactly the same way as news items, but are accessed via the relevant navigation links on each page
  • OFFERS and JOBS are usually time-related: please us the POST EXPIRATOR panel to select your end-of-publication time


  • To publish an item on the EVENTS calendar:
  • Click +EVENT
  • Heading, body text, featured image and add media (as above)
  • Fill out the EVENTS CALENDAR panel
  • Provide link to event website (usually EventBrite or other booking service)
  • Event heading appears on the public calendar
  • Hover over reveals featured image and excerpt
  • Click opens relevant event page
  • For additional exposure, provide related news items with internal links to relevant event page

Before you submit

  • Use the PREVIEW facility to check how your post looks
  • Make any adjustments you feel are necessary
  • Check where your post is going: find the CATEGORIES panel.
  • UNCATEGORISED will appear only behind the POSTS tab on your profile page
  • NEWS will appear in your POSTS, and behind the READ MORE on the NEWS headlines page
  • OFFERS and JOBS will appear in your POSTS, and behind the READ MORE on the respective headlines page

Have a problem?

  • If you have any difficulty, please send a note using the CONTACT form. We will get back to you as soon as possible