Research by Xpert HR shows that staff absenteeism is costing the economy £1.4m every year.  Some of that is a cost to your business in lost productivity, payment of statutory sick pay and overtime payments to those covering for their absent colleagues.

Of course, no one wants an employee in the workplace if they are unwell.  One employee with a heavy cold may equal ten employees with colds by the end of the week – that is how bugs get passed around – and an unwell employee is likely to make mistakes.

However, you should be proactive in your absence management.  Have a policy and stick to it.  Conduct return to work interviews, they show your care and consideration for the sick employee and at the same time indicate that you have noted their absence.  Stay in touch with an absent employee, check on their welfare and get an estimate of when a return to work is likely to happen.

If you don’t have an absence policy contact me, Brenda Roper on 01428 654990, for advice and guidance.  Proactive absence management will save money for your business.