Covid-19 insurance update:
The following is a fairly standard Business Interruption extension clause. Each insurer has their own wording but they don’t stray far from this one:


Murder, suicide or disease cover

We will pay you for interruption of or interference with the business during the indemnity period following 1 the occurrence of any of the following specified human infectious or human contagious diseases suffered by any person at your premises or within a one mile radius of it:
acute encephalitis, acute poliomyelitis, anthrax, chicken pox, cholera, diphtheria, dysentery, legionellosis, legionnaires disease, leprosy, leptospirosis, malaria, measles, meningococcal infection, mumps, opthalmia neonatorum, paratyphoid fever, plague, rabies, rubella, scarlet fever, smallpox, tetanus, tuberculosis, typhoid fever, viral hepatitis, whooping cough and yellow fever

Regretfully, we have not heard anything yet from any of our insurers that they will be changing their stance…to date:
If things start to change we will let you know immediately. However, if any of you would like a chat then you can always give Sheona and myself, Craig, a call. 01428 661950