Last Wednesday evening a group of us gathered at Hemingways to hear Stephen Cake, the Designing Out Crime Officer of the Western Surrey Police provide tips on guidance on keeping homes and businesses safe.

Amongst other things we learned about:

  • How Stephen and his colleagues are working with the town council investigating the viability of putting CCTV on our High Streets.  Apparently many CCTV systems and linked and now recognise and track car number plates. This enables the police to track movement s of known bad guys across the country.
  • How Stephen and the council are looking at possible placements for cash machines to compensate for the rapidly disappearing banks!
  • Work that is being under taken by the car manufacturers to improve security of their keyless locking systems. Current advice is to keep your spare keys safe in special protective bags – similar to the ones used to protect credit cards.
  • The weakness of many front doors locks and what to look out for. A bit scary!