As we come out of lockdown please be aware that businesses will not face any more exposure to the risk of claims than they do now.

Firstly, employees and customers alike will have to prove that they caught the virus on your premises or arising out of your business operations.

Secondly, to limit your liability take note of the guidance and implement them as far as is possible within your own premises. Use of signage, provision of cleaning facilities (hand gels for example) and ensuring the premises are cleaned properly will all help to demonstrate that you have taken all reasonable precautions to ensure a safe working and shopping environment. This should be normal practice anyway but the current situation just demands extra vigilance.

Thirdly, listen to concerns and act accordingly. There will always be the vexatious employee or customer. It’s a fact of life but by carrying out the duties above you will help to limit their complaint and courts are more likely, these days, to take into account contributory negligence from the person doing the complaining.

Lastly, document everything. Your procedures, what you have done, when and the regularity. If you get a complaint, log it and report after on the procedures you carried out in response.

Good luck and be careful out there!