This month’s partial easing of lockdown in the UK is welcome news for the economy. But for many owners and managers it’s much more than just opening the doors. It’s now a case of regaining the trust and support of past customers while also attracting new ones.

At both the B2B and B2C levels, lockdown has brought changes to the way business is conducted, with online shopping providing a lifeline for many.

Lockdown has also led people to seek alternative products and new suppliers. Sometimes this brings surprising satisfaction levels that could make a return to old buying habits a diminishing prospect.

Marketing effort

All is not lost for traditional suppliers, however. Some may need to put considerably more effort into marketing if they are to survive. Certainly, all can benefit from a reinvigorated communication programme across multiple channels.

This applies across the board to businesses that have remained open throughout, those that are currently reopening and those that remain under lockdown.

Now – as in better times – businesses need to remind loyal customers of the benefits they (the customers) can enjoy from continued loyalty, while extending a similar message to prospects.

Affordable communication

With the internet, email and social media, routes to the eyes and ears of customers old and new are at their easiest yet. What’s more, effective communication is remarkably affordable. It makes an investment in professional content creation – copywriting – an attractive possibility.

Of course, you may wish to create your own content. But remember that an external writer will be able to add objectivity to the message, raising its credibility with your customers.

I offer a free initial consultation on how content (and public relations in general) might enhance your reputation – and how we could work together to achieve this.

Irrespective of the official reopening of your business, start your new communication effort as soon as possible. Get into the driving seat of customer opinion today!