How do you feel about a Christmas lights ‘switch on’?

How do you feel about a Christmas lights ‘switch on’?

Currently considering its options for an official ‘switch on’ of the Christmas lights this year, the Town Council has asked the Chamber for guidance on the business community’s view of such an event.

The early evening event was trialled last Christmas, drawing a fairly good response from the public, but the response from retailers was below expectations, with few staying open late to contribute to the festive atmosphere – or take advantage of the customer potential.

If the event goes ahead this year, it will probably be on a Friday, early in December.

Organising the event involves costs and energy: before making any commitment, the Council wants to be sure that Chamber members and other businesses have expressed their views.

So what do you think? Do you want an event to switch on the Christmas lights? And if there is an event, will you stay open late to keep the town ‘alive’?

Please send in your comments as soon as possible. Members who are logged in can use the comments facility. Anyone is welcome to use the form on the CONTACT page.


  1. We at Adiva Boutique “On the High pavement” stayed open last year but sadly did not get much business as the event was taking place in the centre of town. Once the lights were switched on, the public went home.
    Perhaps, if more publicity boards were put up in the car parks and around town, well in advance, informing the public that the shops are staying open late on that night, we might get a better response.
    Regarding the christmas lights and decorations, we feel they need to remain in place as the they form part of the Chistmas spirit. Without them, the town is dead.

  2. We will stay open IF most other retailers also stay open. It will take a lot of hard work to motivate retailers & customers to take part, but if we can create an exciting event and all of our retailers buy in to the project we would be in with a chance. For security reasons, we will not stay open late in the dark when most other shops around us are closed.

  3. Richpaterson

    We (PAAC IT) think a Christmas lights event is a great idea as it brings people together in the town and adds a bit of pre-Christmas excitement. We will be delighted to open late that evening.

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