We are all having to learn to work in different ways and with a different service mix in order to not only survive but to grow – in fact to “live long and prosper” as so eloquently put by Mr Spock of Star Trek.

We really believe that those who survive and make it through the Coronavirus trials will be fitter and stronger than ever.

At PAAC IT we are doing our part to support our local business community through compiling a series of “how to” articles, tips and guidance on keeping your business moving forward in these difficult times. Particularly, given we are an IT Services firm, on getting the best from your IT – but also other business resources and links.

We are continually building our range of articles and guides, but at the moment they include topic such as:

  • Top tips for running a video conference – something we are all learning to do effectively;
  • Videoconferencing with Teams and Zoom
  • How to fix common PC audio problems
  • How to set up a VPN; and
  • How to set up a password manager.

We hope you will find some helpful tips amongst our articles.

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