This months’s club focused on what makes a successful business person and, by extension, a successful business. It’s all about you sending out the right signal and getting the employees, outsources support (consultants, accountants etc) and clients on board.
Whilst everyone has their own spin on things the following top 10 tips generally covered what we thought would lead us to business Nirvana!
1. Manage Yourself – Understanding your impact on others is vital so know yourself, know others and know your style!
2. Building a team – The right culture will attract right team. Build a diverse team and take time to hire (focus on attitudes and values as well as skills and knowledge that can be developed)
3. Developing a team – Coach them rather than try and control. Employees want recognition, respect, autonomy and trust. Hold reviews with follow ups. AND LISTEN!
4. Communicate – Improves efficiency and promotes clearer more structured thinking. Reduces frustration and misunderstandings. KEEP IT SIMPLE!
5. Collaborate – Seek external help ie network, partnerships etc
6. Simple Strategy – Clear choices and goals based on evidence, instinct and capabilities. If it’s not obvious people won’t be ready to follow.
7. Results – Measure regularly what matters and use the results to benchmark against competitors
8. Get Ethical – Strong values = better results. Be open and lead by example. Practise what you preach.
9. Diversify – Review the diversity of the team you have around you. Make sure you don’t have too many ‘like-minded’ people otherwise you end up with ‘group think’. Don’t be afraid to bring outsiders to break things up if need be.
10. BE HAPPY! If you aren’t then don’t expect anyone else to be. Life will be a lot easier and people will be more willing to follow.