The Committee met on Wednesday 2nd October.  Here are some highlights and updates from our discussions.

  1.  The Committee were delighted by the number of people who attended the BID Meeting on 1st October.  There was a significant amount of enthusiasm from the 35+ attendees and new volunteers to join the Steering Group.  Sue McGeown, a Senior Project Manager from Mosaic, answered questions and clarified information.  We shall be taking BID forward to the next stage and in particular considering what Haslemere want to/could achieve with the money if we are successful.  Next stage is a business plan ready for our formal submission. You can read more about the BID here.
  2. The Committee is disappointed by the number of people who have completed the Business Barometer this quarter.   Please take a few minutes to complete it for us.  So many people and organisations are interested in the outcome so please make sure your voice is heard.   Here is the link, it will only take you a minute or two. The survey will be open until 15th October.
  3. The Chamber President met the Mayor of Haslemere for his usual 6 weekly update.  Despite its limitations the Town Council have decided to use the allocated £15,000 for CCTV in Haslemere.  The Committee are disappointed with this decision as £15,000 can only buy a small amount of CCTV which will not be monitored and can only be used retrospectively.  As a result of this decision, the money is therefore not available for the security event the Chamber had promoted.  So please note that the November open access to security advice event will not now take place.
  4. The Fairground car park is to be resurfaced with a non permanent surface whilst a Waverley Borough Council decision is awaited on how the area might be used for social housing and community spaces.
  5. On the subject of car parks, the Chamber’s interest in the land behind Collingwood Batchelor, which is currently owned by the Co-Op, has edged forward.  As you know, the Chamber is proposing to take over the land and provide car parking for the staff of Haslemere businesses. The Town Council is supportive of our bid for the land.
  6. Remaining with car parking, we understand that Waverley Borough Council are considering the parking tariffs in their car parks for the coming year making our bid for the Co-Op land even more important to local businesses as the fees charged will be considerably less than those charged by Waverley Borough Council.
  7. Also, in his discussions with the Mayor, the President raised the issue of charges for the use of land on and around Lion Green as we consider that the £150 charged by Haslemere Town Council is not supportive of local businesses.  However, we are told that £150 does not cover the cost of maintaining the land and the charge will remain.
  8. And finally.  The Chamber has renewed its association with The Haslemere Society.  The Chamber is now formally affiliated to the wider Surrey Chambers and we will be publishing information as to how you can access events throughout Surrey.
  9. And finally finally – a meeting room is now available for booking at the Haslemere Business Centre.  We know that business often resort to holding meeting in one of our very fine coffee shops but sometimes that is not conducive to confidentiality.  Our meeting room costs £20 per hour so only a little more than a round of coffee and cake! Further details on making a booking are being prepared.