Anyone who is self isolating as a result being required to do so because they have had a positive Coronavirus Test, or because they live with someone who has had a positive Coronavirus Test – or indeed because they have returned from a country that is on the FCO/Dept of Health list for quarantine – must not attend the workplace.

Employers who allow (or require) someone who should be self isolating to work anywhere other than the place where they are self isolating may face a fine starting at £1,000.

Workers are obliged to tell their employer that they are self isolating.  Any individual who breaches self-isolation will be commiting a criminal offence.

Of course, employers cannot be sure that their workers will tell them.  The best thing that employers can do is to send out a memo to all their staff , as soon as possible, reminding them of their obligation to tell their employers, you will then at least have done everything reasonable and practical and have the requisite audit trail. That may stand you in good stead if you get caught out when a worker has failed to tell you that they should be self isolating.

Workers who are self isolating are entitled to be paid Statutory Sick Pay if they are unable to work from home – or wherever they are self isolating.

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