Latest published figures show that on average employees take 6.5 days sickness absence each year.

Of course, everyone succumbs to the occasional virus and it is better that employees remain out of the workplace whilst they are infectious.  No organisation wants nasty bugs spreading through their ranks.

Organisations should be proactive about managing absence.  Return to work ‘interviews’ are an important way to update the returning employee on events that have occurred in their absence and to show that their absence has been noted.  Check the need for any short term adjustments to enable them to be at work and motivated.  Check that your employee does not have a disability for which you should be making reasonable adjustments.  Above all keep an audit trail !

If you have a B&D Roper Staff Handbook and/or disciplinary policy it will be clear to employees that feigning ill health in order to take a day or days off is fraud and a disciplinary matter. potentially leading to dismissal either on the grounds of fraud or a breach of trust and confidence.

If you do not have a B&D Roper Staff Handbook perhaps now is the time to consider talking to us about your needs. You can learn more on my website here.

Please remember that you are statutorily required to have a disciplinary policy.