With the threat of snow coming soon with all the business disruption that it brings with it, employers will need to think about how they are going to manage their staff and whether or not to try and keep the business going during the worst of the weather.   The law requires that a minimum temperature of 16 degrees celcius is maintained in a shop or office environment and 13 degrees if your employees have to work physically.

If your contract/statement of terms and conditions allows you can put staff on short term working or even lay them off.  If you are able to go down that route you will need to pay them only for the hours they work.  If staff are layed off because you cannot open your business for example, you may need to make them the statutory guaranteed payment of £28 per day.

If you do not have such a clause in your contract you may need to pay them the full amount of their salary.

Employees are responsible for getting to the workplace.  If they are unable to do so they could take annual leave or unpaid leave.

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