Your Chamber’s recent survey on preferences for events attracted fewer responses than hoped for, but nevertheless produced some interesting results.

The survey, highlighted on the website and in the weekly Newsletter was designed to give the Committee some pointers on the timing and content of events, so that it can develop a programme of networking and training sessions to benefit as many members as possible.

While the Chamber cannot hope to please every member, all the time, results from this survey do provide valuable insight into what appeals to members in general terms.

The survey found:

  • Midweek is the most popular time for events, with Thursday the most favoured day followed  by Wednesday and Tuesday.
  • Counting first and second choices on timing, breakfast and evening sessions were voted the most popular. Teatime was a close third, while lunchtime was not popular.
  • Social media topped the list of typical subject areas, followed by Marketing and PR, IT and websites, Legal matters, Community affairs, Retailing and Education and training.
  • Asked what would be a reasonable price per head if the Chamber had to charge for an event, 40% of respondents selected £10, 25% £15, and 20% £5. Just 15% opted for £20 or £25.

The Committee is taking these findings on board and hopes to be announce its new programme shortly.

The survey remains open, so If any members who have not already responded would like to add their feelings, please click HERE