Does your website help your business make money … or just cost you money? Get our free website health check to keep you on top.

A website is a key tool in your marketing mix, but is it delivering results?

  • To be found by people searching online, your website has to appear on the first page of a Google search as 95% of people don’t look beyond page 1, and
  • When people reach your site you only have a few seconds to convince them they’ve reached the right place.

Our free health check reviews the key metrics that drive website performance and delivers a report on its current state and recommendations for improvements.  We examine metrics in 4 key areas:

  • SEO or search engine optimisation: an evaluation of how the site plays to Google’s search algorithms;
  • Performance: a measure of how quickly your site loads when someone reaches it. This is always an important metric, but even more so on mobile;
  • Accessibility: an assessment of how easy it is for someone to read and find information on your site; and
  • Proposition: is there a clear indication of who you are, what you have to offer and to which target customers coupled with a clear call to action.

Your website needs to appeal to both human and search “bots” – so we use a combination of humans and automated tools to health check your website.

Its simple and easy – all we need is your website address and an email address to send the results to.


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